Our Marine, Pool, and Spa Product News

Hyperform Inc. is best known for two amazing products. SeaDek is popular in the boat building industry, while SwimDek is making a name for itself in the pool and spa industry. Now you can stay up-to-date with both products and everything they offer in one central place.


  • Ocevan at the Barcelona Boat Show
    SeaDek’s Certified Fabricator network is growing in Europe! This week, Spanish Fabricator Ocevan is excited to be exhibiting at the Barcelona International Boat Show, which takes place... Read more »
  • SeaDek Exhibiting at IBEX 2018
    Join us at IBEX 2018! After a productive day on the floor at IBEX 2018, we invite you to take a moment to relax with us at our... Read more »
  • SeaDek and Xpress Boats
    SeaDek Marine Products is proud to be affiliated with Xpress boats and their Pro Bill Lowen. Check them out: “In my profession I am supported by my... Read more »
  • Steven Colbert & Neil deGrasse Tyson Drive the NASA Mars Rover Around Manhattan
    Who better to take a joyride in the NASA Mars Rover prototype than Stephen Colbert & Neil deGrasse Tyson? The duo recently took a humorous ride... Read more »
  • SeaDek Holds Inaugural Blood Drive
    Last week we welcomed the One Blood bus to our Rockledge facility for two days of life saving by our employees! Over 40 SeaDek employees... Read more »


  • Video: IPSP 2017 Re-cap
    The SwimDek team had a great showing at the 2017 International Pool Spa Patio Expo, with tons of booth traffic and an energetic crowd that... Read more »
  • SwimDek Exhibiting in Booth #2407 at PSP
    Joining more than 525 industry-leading aquatics manufacturers, SwimDek will be exhibiting in booth #2407 at the 2017 International Pool Spa Patio Expo. Taking place in... Read more »
  • How do I Prepare my Surface for SwimDek?
    Thanks to its acrylic-based 3MTM pressure sensitive adhesive, SwimDek forms a strong and dependable bond with most common aquatic materials, as long as all surfaces... Read more »
  • What Surfaces can SwimDek be Installed On?
    Answering the call for a product that is compatible with many of the different materials being used in today’s spas and hot tubs, SwimDek is... Read more »
  • SwimDek Featured in Hot Tub Insider
    With more and more pool and spa builders turning to SwimDek for their unique aquatic non-skid surfaces, customers from across the world are experiencing all... Read more »